• Inquisitive, curious about life.
    Like his contemporaries, the artist responds to his dreams, and multiple questioning.
    At least he tries.
    Approximatelly he progresses in his searches, digs in, finds a way and starts it all again.
    Sometimes he fails, stands KO or lost in the desert, but JL stands up and starts again and again to search for truth, his life mission towards infinity.
    Building,creating, destroying to be reborn, often falling and one day flying.
    Always on the edge, he doubts and perseveres.
    We’ll see in a year or in a century …
    If the artist makes the viewer happy, if he engages and builds the future by connecting people, then he will have succeeded.
    JL opens his heart by sharing with you the depth of his feelings …
    Sometimes appear strange human beings
    With intriguing small objects that we dream of such as in the world according to Lewis Carrol.
    Strange, fascinating, able to throw you into the deepest anxious stage. They are the little people of the dreams.
    Dream or reality ? you feel so much about them that you become the main actor, the character of your daily hibernation.
    Everything seems to be real… Everything is real !
    The so perfect love, the drops of your sweat, a cry, tears, wise goblins… And then there is this rat race that takes your breath away and will take you from one place to the same place.
    An impression of falling into the void, a hole without end, an end that never comes.
    The dark side of your life, and you end up caught in the trap of your bathtub.
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